Promoting active lifestyles for everyone in Westmorland

What we do, Who we are

We work with new and existing groups in Kendal and the surrounding area to deliver and support a wide range of community and activity-based projects which contribute positively to health and wellbeing .
Our aim is to improve individual levels of activity and wellbeing, reduce pressure on health services, create lower carbon footprints, and improve the quality of life for all participants.

We are 3 long-time Kendal residents, Stuart Lockton, Claire Wickham and Pierre Labat, who are all concerned to leave the world in a better state than we found it. We each have many years of experience of running our own businesses and managing projects for wellbeing and for the environment. Drawing on this collective experience, we set up Wellbeing Westmorland CIC in 2022 to promote active, healthy and low carbon life-styles, which we all believe lead to happier, healthier and lower carbon communities.